The Scholars Pro Musica

The Scholars Pro Musica is a chamber choir under the musical direction of Chalium Poppy.

Based in Tauranga, they are the only auditioned early music choral ensemble in the Bay of Plenty. Performing stunning concerts throughout the year, their repertoire spans the history of choral music from early sixteenth century masterpieces to thrilling twenty-first century contemporaries.

The Scholars Pro Musica have received international accolades for the New Zealand premières of choral works by Henry Purcell, Jean-Phillipe Rameau and Michael Haydn.


The Scholars Announce Our First Concert
for the 2017 Season

Haydn 2017a poster.jpg

The Scholars Pro Musica Chamber Choir begin their 2017 season with two very different choral works by F. J. Haydn.  Following upon their successful and highly acclaimed performance of Haydn’s “Creation” in 2016 with Opus Orchestra, the Scholars further explore Haydn’s choral works with “The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross” and “The Little Organ Mass”.

Commissioned originally in 1783 by the Cathedral at Cadiz, Haydn’s setting of “The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross”, meant clearly more to the composer than just another ordinary composition.  So much was Haydn’s fondness for this, his most profound work, that it exists in no fewer than four very different incarnations – a choral work, an orchestral work, a string quartet, and even as a solo piano work (all approved and arranged by the composer himself).  As a choral work, it is a masterpiece and shows “Papa” Haydn as a brilliant and inspired choral composer, due in no small part to his invaluable training as a singer himself when he was a boy.  The work features many incredible moments of sublime beauty.  Given the subject matter of the work, it is surprisingly serene until the end.  


It teems with the usual classical sweetness of the late 18th Century, but it is never trite.  The choir and quartet of soloists weave through the score effortlessly. 

In contrast, Haydn’s “Little Organ Mass” was written around 1775 for the order of the Barmherzige Brüder (The Brothers of Mercy) in Eisenstadt, whose patron saint was St. John of God, hence Haydn’s original name for the work – the Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo.  The nickname“Little Organ Mass” (Kleine orgelsolomesse) was given years later on account of the beautiful extended organ solo in the Benedictus.  Haydn himself played the organ solo in the first performance of the mass.

For this concert, the Scholars are delighted to welcome
New Zealand organist, Janet gibbs

We also welcome a wonderful line up of soloists:

Kate spence - alto
Iain Tetley - tenor
Tavis gravatt - Bass

and Scholars' own regan mcfarlane - soprano



Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross

& Missa Brevis Sancti joannis de deo (Little Organ Mass)

Date: Sunday, 21st May

Time: 3pm

Price: Cash only at the door
Adults $30, 1 child free
High school students/children $20



Our Young Scholars

Another year is over and a new one has just begun.

 It takes a lot of time to improve our singing, even if I think we sounded rather amazing already!

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